Justin Rhoades
My Story...

Proud to call East Tennessee my home.

I was raised in a religious south household that strained and toiled everyday to impress the "big man" upstairs. We did absolutely amazing, by our standards of course. I got dunked in some water after kneeling on some carpet steps when I was 8. It made my family happy and I got gifts. I did not cuss, smoke, or steal, therefore I was good person. All was well.

At least until I was actually confronted with my own sin. Truth is, I have lied, lusted with my heart, and I have treated God like a celebrity with a poster on the wall rather than the Holy God of the Universe whose laws I broke. I treated God like a lucky charm rather than a good Father.

I broke those laws and it devastated me, but God gave me new life. I looked at my life, my surroundings, and other people differently. I stopped looking down on people who didn't make the same choices as me. I stopped viewing the Bible as an ancient text that really meant nothing to me. I stopped looking at earth like it was all that mattered heaven was boring but, hey, it wasn't Hell. This is my battlefield.

In 2013 I joined Legacy Church and served by leading Communities on Mission, served on the OPS team, in 2017 I became part of the core team that planted Legacy West, and in 2018 was commissioned to serve as a deacon.

I met Samantha in 2010 and in 2014 she agreed to fight the battle with me. We have a dog, Thanos, who we taught how to "pray" and is very adorable.

My prayer for Legacy:

Lord, lead us to the destruction of ourselves, our weakness, our fears. Help us to show Knoxville the living water you freely give that will truly satisfies.
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