Jon Rutig
My Story:

I was born and raised in the sun of South Florida. I grew up in a home that loved Jesus, I knew Jesus but didn't fully understand what life with Him could be. My relationship with the Father is now being shaped by prayer, Scripture, and my spiritual family that He has brought me to through Citizens Church. He has revealed to me my dependency on Him, and in my dependency, He has increased my desire for Him. The more I depend on Him; the more I desire to be with Him.

My wife Danielle and I are high school sweethearts, once we got married after college, we then moved to Knoxville where we both serve our city in the capacity of educators. We now have 2 sons, J.D. and Benjamin. God has shaped my life to have a heart for kids.

My prayer for Citizens Church...
It is my prayer that in serving with Citizens Kids, God will use me as a resource for the pastors and others to help lead our children to a life with Jesus.