Amy Holler
My story…

I was born and raised in Brownfield, Texas. I was a farmer's daughter through most of my childhood. I grew up in church, hanging on the shirt tails of my parents. I accepted Jesus through the Gospel Bill show. I was the typical church kid. I went to church camp and did all the churchy things, but I felt empty and needy. I threw myself into unhealthy relationships seeking to find something that would fulfill me. Nothing worked. Through a series of events our lives changed dramatically when my father went to work in the Oil and Gas Industry and we had to move to Midland, TX.

My relationship with the Lord was strictly only when I "needed" something basis. Here I was in a new city and my 16 year old world was turned upside down. We finally settled into a local church and through men and women pouring into me, I began to understand and realize who God is and what his Son Jesus had done for me. I met David, my husband, through our church College group and two years later we were married. We served in youth and College ministry throughout those early married years. We both felt the Lord nudging us into ministry, but had no clarity on what that looked like for us.

Fast forward 12 years and 4 kids later, our friend Luke called and said he was planting a church in Knoxville, TN. At that moment the Lord began to orchestrate our hearts toward moving across the country to help out in this adventure. It took 2 years of patience, praying and faith when the Lord's will was revealed to move.

We have lived in the Knoxville area for 6 years. We now have 6 children and we are loving this area and its people. I am humbled to serve our body in the worship ministry where the Lord continues to reveal himself to me continually through community and mission.

My prayer for Citizens Church...

Lord I ask that you would continue to teach us and reveal to us who you are through your Word. That our knowledge of You would sink deep in our souls and forever change us and that we would return our praise and thanksgiving back to you in worship for all that You have done, are doing and will do.

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